Portico 5012 — Duo Mic Pre-Amp

“The 5012 sounds amazing. It's very easy to use and it's now my go-to pre-amp.”

- Michael Caffery, Tape Op

“...when activated (the Silk) transforms the otherwise modern sounding 5012 into a preamp with a classic sonic signature.”

- Michael Cooper, Mix Magazine

“...what really stood out on this comparison was the clarity, the sparkle, and the incredibly solid low end...”

- Tim Green, EQ Magazine

“Rich and full without being overblown...A great sounding pre with a very big sound”

- Jon Thorton, Resolution
Portico 5014 — Stereo Field Editor

“The 5014 Stereo Field Editor performs a relatively simple task, but does so up to the standards expected by a mastering engineer...an excellent product”

- Paul White, Sound on Sound
Portico 5017 — Mobile DI/Pre/Comp with Variphase

“Sounds great....having the convenience of the Blend, Silk, compression, and phase adjustment all in one neatly integrated box can be a huge problem solver.”

- Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

“For novices seeking their first quality piece, I recommend this little, humble utilitarian over a rack full of brittle mic pres and mushy compressors.... For high-fidelity loving, traveling musician/self-recordists, the 5017 is a must have.”

- Rob Tavaglione, Pro Audio Review
Portico 5024 — Quad Mic Amp

“The 5024 is a real delight. It is a high quality versatile pre-amplifier, and with the DI and M/S facilities, it is even more attractive.”

- Simon Tillbrook, Audio Media
Portico 5032 — Mic Pre / EQ

“This unit's construction and electronic layout are top-notch...... at $1,895 MSRP, it is the best-sounding and most flexibly useful mic pre/EQ combo I've seen.”

- Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

“Rating 10/10

The Portico 5032 is without doubt a hit product. It is practical and easy to work with and has a superb sound.”

- Studio Magazine

“As open as any mic amp I've heard in recent times...... As you'd expect, the EQ and filter are also fabulous, offering the musical boost you expect from a traditional Neve design.”

- Jon Musgrave, Future Music
Portico 5033 — Five Band EQ

“Quite an exceptional piece of audio equipment...Simply Superb....There is no system that would not benefit from the 5033.”

- Simon Tillbrook, Audio Media

“I'm not sure what magic is inside the 5033, but everything I send through it immediately sounds good...All said, I think the 5033 is a fantastic EQ.”

- Andy Hong, Tape Op
Portico 5042 — “True Tape” FX

“... this is one formidable unit that is more than a one-trick pony.”

- Garrett Haines, Tape Op

“...this box works wonders on the bottom end and has some desirable faux tape compression effects that are very addictive once they become obvious.”

- Andy Stewart, Audio Technology

“Quality oozes from the Portico 5042 in every respect... you may well find it hard to keep away from the Portico 5042.”

- Simon Tillbrook, Audio Media

“...this box does a great job of warming up individual tracks and full mixes.”

- Michael Cooper, Electronic Musician

“I first hooked the 5042 up to the 2-mix bus for a mix I had up. I gradually added some tape saturation and low, and behold! A blast from the past”

- Randy Poole, Pro Sound News

“So how does it sound? Quite frankly brilliant!”

- Jon Musgrave, Future Music
Portico 5043 — Compressor / Limiter Duo

“Despite its diminutive format, the 5043 is one of the best compressors we have heard.”

- George Schilling, MusicTech Magazine

“...perhaps the single most transparent compressor I have ever used. The source signal retained remarkable fidelity and coherence...”

- Greg Walker, Audio Technology

“This is one of THE best drum bus compressors... Picture it in your mind: hard hitting, but dynamic, full but tight, silky cymbals, but not harsh hi-hats. It's all that. The other thing you're hearing? Yeah, that's the sound of you spending $1,800 on a 5043.”

- Garret Haines, EQ Magazine

“Sure, you can find fancier-looking outboards out there....But all things considered, Portico has been designed for those who value sound over image.”

- Jon Musgrave, Future Music
Portico 5045 —

“[The 5045] yielded a 14 to 15 dB increase in level, with no feedback, glitches or choppiness.”

- George Peterson, FOH
Portico 5059 —

“There is something lovely about the sonic change in the tiniest of details as you drive the channels. Pushing level into the mix buss and adjusting the master output produces more of a lovely sheen, its transformers blending in a lovely musical flavour to the tone.”

- Alan Branch, Audio Media

“The Satellite contributed to the workflow and helped impart the classic big analog sound....There are many summing mixers..., but the Satellite 5059 is the only one deserving of the Rupert Neve name.”

- Adam Kagan, Tape Op
Portico 5060 —

“It’s kind of like sitting down into a new Mercedes; it feels like it’s built like a bank vault and every piece has been considered and carefully selected. This is not something you’ll feel like replacing anytime soon.”

- Eli Janney, SonicScoop
5088 — Discrete Analogue Mixer

“The best performing Neve ever...quite an extraordinary beast.”

- George Shilling, Resolution
Portico 511 —

“It’s big and fat, and can get some great complex tones, but you wouldn’t mistake it for a distortion plugin or pedal. It’s too nice.”

- Eli Janney, SonicScoop
Portico II — Channel

“Brilliant and flexible....The Portico II sounds big with transparent effects.”

- Alan Tubbs, Tape Op

“The Portico II is a class act with supreme audio quality, yet the capability to deliver strongly characterful manipulation and processing...It's possibly Rupert's best box yet.”

- George Shilling, Resolution Magazine

“5/5 Stars: Stunning signal quality. Superbly versatile EQ. Intuitive layout. A 'best of' compilation of recent Neve designs in a top quality package.”

- Robbie Stamp, Future Music

“The Portico II Channel offers the epitome of the Rupert Neve sound in a unit that is super-flexible and powerful, yet simple to use. The Neve legacy lives on with this combination of his time-proven circuit topologies and newly designed processors for these modern times.”

- Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

“This channel strip certainly upholds the reputation of the series, and although it doesn’t come close to being ‘cheap’, it is a high‑quality, hugely musical and versatile front end that you’ll never outgrow.”

- Paul White, Sound on Sound
Portico MBP —

“For tracking, mixing, and mastering, the Portico II Master Buss Processor brings a diverse set of tools that can impart an incredibly-wide range of processing, both dynamic and spectral, to any production - and at a world-class level. Rupert Neve Designs has definitely hit one out of the park with this processor.”

- Adam Kagan, TapeOp

“The Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor is, in my opinion, a "must audition"”

- Nigel Palmer, Audio Media

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