“The microphone preamplifier will live up to the announcement of providing Rupert Neve Sound with punchy and present-day presence for live sound.”

“This is his company's first headphone amp, and they've have knocked it out of the park in terms of sound quality. And the bang-for-the-buck ratio is just huge here - this sounds better than much-more expensive solid-state amps, like the Sony TA-ZH1ES.”

“After using it, I realized that there were several important design features in this rack that I had previously neglected or underestimated in my initial chart. It's always a good feeling when your appreciation for something continues to grow after the purchase — which is so infrequently the case. ”

“The RMP-D8 AD sounds fantastic. Crystal clear, focused. Exactly what I'd expect from Rupert Neve.”

“The Rupert Neve Designs gear has been the backbone for recording Dream Theater's new record. Having recorded on vintage Rupert Neve consoles throughout my career, working with the Shelfords and RMP-D8s has been a very familiar experience. The RMP-D8 sounds and feels like a classic Rupert Neve console to me. James Meslin

“As expected, there was plenty of headroom even for a musician who really hits his drums hard and the results were precisely what I’ve come to expect from Rupert Neve Designs–full, solid and with a touch of colour that never gets in the way of clarity. Audio Media International

“What I heard was a significant improvement over my console’s onboard preamps and converters. I noted in many cases that I was using my EQ’s less, especially on vocal channels...I heard and felt the difference immediately. The RMP-D8 sounded absolutely fantastic. Vince Lepore, FOH Magazine

“The 5045 is the one piece of hardware I can’t do a show without. It let's me eq the mic for how I want it in the mix instead of worrying about feedback. It's especially game changing when the vocalist is out in front of the mains.”

“The 535 was capable of a lot of different things, from being colorful to neutral...this nice kind of 'hi-fi'. And it's just flexible. Not flexible like 'it doesn't do anything well' - you can really dial it into doing several different things. It's cool to have that style limiter that's not a one-trick pony.”

“To me the 535 has the sound of the original 2254 where it has that weight and sort of gravity and low end that just sort of it just brings up the low end and makes everything very thick, but it's a lot more useful in terms of sources that you can use it on, and now with the settings that you have here and with the blend knob. It's actually really useful that you can kind of get that weight on your kick drum or your snare drum and it sort of just brings out that punch where it's not something that you would do with EQ but it's more of something that you just feel in your chest.”

“The 535 has changed my world on Bass Guitar. It sounds great on everything, however on bass, nothing has brought the Bass guitar out of the mix like the 535. It gives this richness, texture and weight. It just sits thick and juicy, and it doesn’t step on the mix, it just fattens it and thickens it. It’s a fantastic compressor.”

“When I first heard the Shelford Channel, I fell in love again with the Diode Bridge compressor and knew that I was going to need more of Shelford’s just for the compressor now I can have that compressor on its own. The 535’s are something special that is very familiar to me since I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of years recording mainly on Neve consoles. Everything that I ran through the 535’s sounded better from the drum buss, bass, electric guitar, and vocals. The Blend function is brilliant! Sometimes I’m looking for over the top and sometimes I want it to be subtle, the Blend allows that very easily. The biggest problem with the 535’s is that I’m going to need a whole lot more of them! ”

“When I first heard the 535 on drums it blew me away! It has great punch that translates so well in the mix. It's almost cheating.”

“I’m loving the new 535 diode bridge compressor. To be able to have a compressor that sounds this massive, with a blend knob, is a 500 series rack is an audio dream come true…. I’d like to have 20, please!”

“Being accurate didn’t make this RNHP boring. Quite the opposite. It was lifelike, and that was far more important, getting me very close to the musicians; more so than most headphone amps I have tried. A sound engineers dream.”

“The 1073 vocal sounded really good, but dare I say, I preferred the sound of the Shelford over the vintage module? Heresy!!! That's when Sam and I exchanged looks that said, "Damn, that thing is killer!”

“The Portico 5017 was a Swiss army knife of audio solutions, making both acoustic and electric guitars sound better. The Compressor and Silk controls were icing on the cake; the Blend feature is perfect for guitarists who know the magic of microphones. A back-mounted button for 48-volt phantom power (for use with condenser mics) is more evidence of the 5017’s handiness.”

“Nine years later I am still in awe of this console. It makes mixing easier, and beats mixing in the box by a mile. Having a “name brand” and high quality analog board has helped me get work, cemented my reputation as a mixer, and probably changed the course of my career. I still think it is the best analog console currently made.”

“The showpiece of the studio is a 64-channel frame Neve 5088 console designed by Rupert Neve...It's a very solid platform for our students in Hawaii to engage in some really cutting edge technology in an analog format.”

“The first thing I noticed was that I could throw the faders up and hear everything right away; I didn't even have to spend time getting the mix together. The amount of murk that disappeared with the 5088 was remarkable. Everybody noticed it immediately.”

“The board is wonderful. It's modern sounding and yet looks back to the vintage past without any of the flaws that the vintage consoles had...soncially, It was immediately an eye opener. We just moved two cables over to the center section of the 5088 and monitored Pro Tools and, with a number of people that I trust in the room, everybody's jaws dropped.”

“The RND 5088 is distinguished by its neutrality and high headroom, both of which are critical in our jazz and classical applications..We selected the RND after carefully auditioning desks in Los Angeles; the great sound and solid feel of the console was critical in our decision.”

“I used to have to work so hard to get a mix to sound half as good as it does with me just putting it through the 5088 without doing a thing to it... I can really hit the 5088’s mix bus – it takes it, and it likes it! What this all means for me in practical terms is that I can now focus more energy on being creative.””

“ The studio contains all top-quality equipment in a professionally appointed, acoustically balanced space, and reflects the current trends in pragmatic and economically feasible studio design. The 5088 fits in perfectly with that aesthetic.”

“It does the job nicely. As soon as I run my mixes through it, it’s quite a big hit. Most of the time they hear it as making everything sound more musical.”

“The sound is unlike anything I've ever heard... ”

“We have an amazing collection of microphones, and when I run the microphones into the Neve it completely opens them up - it makes the microphones sound the way they should.”

“"We debated going down the road of 'old Neve', but we needed something that we knew we could rely on. The concept of recording live...I need switches to work silently, I need pots to work without making noise." Also? "It sounds great."”

“The console itself is built so well, so simple to use and sounds so wonderful, it is truly in a class by itself. If anyone knows how to build consoles, it’s Rupert, and it’s no wonder that this console, with its discrete op-amp cards, Class A circuitry, and transformers, is an excellent product.”

“"We are so happy - the sound is gorgeous." ”

“ With the 5088 being literally maintenance-free, we can spend our extra time improving other aspects of our operation. Our 5088 with the Shelford modules makes it extremely fast to get good sounds on tracking sessions and fits our control room and general vibe better....the texture-function is fantastic, but really the main thing is that you can forget technical details and focus on the music. And it both sounds and looks stunning! ”

“The headroom on this console is unmatched...the 90V power rails make it near impossible to overdrive. The best part is that if you do manage to push it hard enough, the overdrive is very nice and musical.”

“the sound is perfect! This is what I was looking for.”

“The Class A circuit design allows for excellent sound quality even in the quietest movements. Even though the board is extremely transparent, the ability to add harmonic distortion via the 'Silk' button provides us with an opportunity to add color and character to our recordings.”

“I was really considering two other consoles, but they sent me a couple [Shelford] modules to listen to, and the comparison wasn’t even fair – the Shelford modules had so much tone and depth, and the Silk feature is just amazing.I haven’t used a tube preamp since last February. I pretty much retired all my tube preamps, and I had quite a collection.”

“Highly Commended: The RNHP is unusually good at conveying music’s emotional core….it’s clear to me that Neve has prioritized listening in the development of this amp…on vocals in particular it can often sound utterly magical. ”

“And I love the clarity of the [5088’s] signal flow, in terms of teaching students fundamental principles of recording and production. It’s really straightforward – it doesn’t mean it isn’t potentially complex, but it ‘feels’ really good…and the sound has been wonderful”

“There is an absoluteness about everything this console does…it has an incomparable tactility. When you engage any part of the console, you are engaging over 50 years of trustworthy and unprecedented electronic pedigree. The craziest thing is that it literally ‘feels’ that way.”

“The 5088 has an insane amount of headroom for summing. Even with complex, layered and heavily compressed music maxing out the stereo bus, it retains its openness. Also, the EQ’s of the 5052’s are amazing”

“I’m a fan of hitting gear hard, I like drive and saturation, rounding off peaks and finding sweet spots. I can’t believe how much this desk can take, level-wise. I can have all the VUs pinned and it sounds effortless, it holds together and still sounds open and clear. It’s solid as a rock. My mixes are now bigger and louder than before but also more open sounding, more ‘alive’, the summing is just better.”

“The 5088 sounds amazing, and it enabled us to achieve the sonic signature I was looking for in the studio.”

“Rated 9/10: A vastly superior headphone amplifier in this price point....I have rarely heard a headphone amplifier that is so balanced in terms of its general sonic output.”

“Designed by a legendary engineer, the Neve RNHP headphone amplifier wows.... Soundwise, the RNHP did not disappoint when I started listening with a Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphone. Transparency was absolutely first-rate, dynamic punch was right up there and stereo imaging from this closed-back headphone was admirably spacious. ”

“It’s great for shutting the mic down when it’s not in use, while leaving the envelope of the source sounding natural. We are using 965 capsules – they can be sensitive, so it’s great for getting more gain without building up feedback. I’ve found since using the 5045, reverbs and delays sound tighter.”

“Without the 5045, I wouldn’t be able to do my job.”

“The RNDI provides the most accurate representation of my instrument and individual playing, in detail and sonic character, in that sense of “I didn’t know what I was missing" until i plugged into the RNDI. ”

“It sounds like the best aspects of the 1073 and 1066's. It sounds so familiar and comforting, and the compressor is mind blowing. You can move in fine brush strokes, but it can also be a bulldozer.”

“After working on a vintage Neve console for 10 years, it’s exciting to hear the Shelford sound like a 1073 and 2254 are supposed to, but without all the baggage. ”

“I compared the Shelford Channel to a classic 1066 running into a 2254 compressor and I loved the flexibility of the new design. Well done!
Joe Baldridge (Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson)

“This piece to me just sounds classic. ”

““I’m pi**ed that it took so long to put all of this into one box. This is ALL the best stuff.” ”

“You're going to need two of these. One will not be enough.”

“The RNHP Precisions Headphone Amplifier is the very embodiment of simplicity and elegance. It provided an instant, subtle yet highly pleasurable sonic upgrade without getting in the way.”

“The sound is effortless and natural. Lows are solid and uncluttered. The transients come through cleanly and naturally. And the midrange is focused and right there in front of you. At times I forgot that I was even listening with headphones on, being swept away in the music. Well Done indeed!”

“We’ve got a number of different high quality headphone amps in the studio, but the RNHP immediately became the go to reference for me. With the RNHP, the word “precision” in the name really rings true. The headphones seem more focused, with great imaging and tons of detail. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens with the musicians using the RNHP while performing.”

“I first used the RNHP to power my Grado RS-1 headphones with my iPhone on tour and I was amazed at how good they could sound, even with a phone as the source...with studio equipment as the source my headphones have never sounded better.... We’ve been so impressed by the RNHP we’re getting five of them for the studio for tracking. We’ve never been happy with headphone mix system we currently have because of both the lacking sound quality and the added distraction for the musicians...and to have a more simple, better sounding option at every position, will make the tracking experience that much more pleasant.”

“I generally use NS10s as my main monitors, so I rely on headphones for much of my low frequency reference, and RNHP seems to really be helping with translation so far. I mixed two albums and a single using the headphone box with my Grado’s... the first album I only had a had a handful of tweaks. I’ve worked for the client for 20 years and he commented that it was the best mix I’d done for him. The 2nd album and the single, for different clients, had ZERO mix tweaks, and both projects finished way ahead of schedule.”

“"The Portico II Channel has become my favourite channel Strip. It's the sound of Neve but for the modern age. Its possibilities of combining so much color, makes it the perfect tool regardless of genre, instrument o signal. I haven't been able to distort it, and I've tried"”

“The RNDI is an exceptional DI box, and the addition of a Speaker mode makes it a very useful tool, both in the studio and on stage.”

“9/10: Both the 511 and 517 are great preamps, easily worthy of finding themselves in the best studios in the world!”

“The RNDI is certainly a class act...a superb DI box that can add its character to the colours of your sonic palette. The RNDI isn’t cheap, but quality never is. Highly recommended.”

“I am speechless! It's got that warmth and punchy sound you can expect from Rupert Neve Designs! Precision or J pick up has more details in the low mid area. Low freq sounds more solid, high freq is well controlled! ”

“absolutely awesome, just got one and absolutely love it!! sounds so smooth even with ridiculous boosting going on!! Really cant stress how much I am enjoying using it”

“The sound quality is great and you can push the gain really hard and it saturate in a musical way. Good warms, what come out fit almost perfectly on any kind of mix.”

“The 5088 has The Sound! It´s warm but not “vintage”, it´s clear but not “modern”. It´s 3D and solid. Just right!”

“Rupert Neve Designs knocked it out of the park with this one. I commend their achievement and thank the design team for such an incredible sound at the very-affordable price of less than $750 a channel.”

“Rated 5/5" I've been using a pair of these for a month or so now. I'm very happy with them. Silk/Texture really is great. At moderate settings it has a classic sound to it and at high settings it becomes extremely obvious and takes the sound to new places. Contrary to some other opinions, this is not subtle, at least not at higher settings. At lower settings, yes - you could say its subtle. ”

“rating 5/5: Bang for the buck? Considering these things MAP out for under $600 is kind of ridiculous. I will be buying another one to make a pair ”

“I highly, highly recommend it. In fact, if anyone asks me what they would start with building a lunchbox, this would be my suggestion.”

“tried tracking with full 100% tape saturation and 100% blend in vocals and adds a rich density to my vocals. Love it in guitars, brass and drums. When i pass drums loops or midi drums through it , it adds low freq weight , tight and punch to the kick , and make the snare more agressive, kind of a compressor with mojo, also tame the high hi-hats freq and make the sound more balanced, organic.”

“I've had the 542 for 3 weeks now and I love it. I've recorded electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, vocals, synth and drum overheads. Everything I track through it needs less processing come mix time, and combines with other instruments better.”

“One thing about us Neve MBP owners that I've found we all have in common is that we don't really tell people we own one in our studios. Why? Well because it's arguably a modern day classic compressor and we don't want to let that secret out! It really does something other compressors can't or don't do that are currently on the market. ”

“5/5 sound quality & features: I think this device will have to be pried from my cold dead hands before I will ever go another session without its use. Thank you Mr. Neve for paving the way to a brighter, smarter future and for conceiving this most ultimate of audio witchery.”

“The EQ is extremely responsive. Even subtle moves are extremely noticeable. ... What I really like about the compressor, is that even with the blend wet, I can still make it sound energetic and powerful even when I’m getting around 12dB in reduction. She can go from very intimate and quiet to shouting, so it is a lot to try to control, but the Channel compressor really does a great job.”

“She’s a very dynamic singer and there are times when she will be out in front of the main hang and side hang speakers - and that's something I have to be really careful about, feedback-wise. Since we started using the 5045 I haven’t had a single frequency take off yet.”

“The Portico 5017 is the most versatile and portable piece of gear I have, not to mention it sounds amazing in addition to the practicality. Even better is it doesn't hurt the wallet.”

“I got mine yesterday and was immediately impressed by it's solid and beautiful construction! Great job on that one! ... Played a bit around with the silk modes and pointed out some sweet spots. The red one worked very good when hardly driven on git. Also a smooth red silk mode on vocals worked great. The blue one gave our vintage bass some extra bottom. ... The comp section is one of the best I've ever heard! This baby is so flexible and smooth,... it's just a dream!”

“Absolutely fantastic preamps!”

“Having purchased a pair of 5032s a couple of months ago, my experience thus far has been rapturous. The beauty and detail of the preamp stage is unrivalled and, in my opinion, considerably more musical than the most flavours of 1073 - vintage or otherwise. The EQ section is a marvel of musicality whether used sparingly or as a carving implement. ”

“Been using the Portico II for a couple of weeks now and is just ridiculously great. Anything I choose to do with it is musical and makes my ears happy. ”

“The MBP is a remarkable piece of analog hardware. The compressor and limiter in concert provide clean, transparent, musical and precise dynamics control along with lots of other features that let you change the sound more drastically when necessary.”

“ "The MBP has new colors, new wrinkles on old themes, and so far I haven’t put anything through it that didn’t sound better!"”

“We checked the 5042 out and were prepared to put it right back in the box and send it back. But we were completely gobsmacked; we were blown away. ”

“"It initially caught my attention because of the limiter section. I was in need of a transparent limiter before my A/D converter; one that didn't crap out or fold up with certain types of songs. I bought it for that use, but I found myself using the piece much more than expected." - Michael Romanowski”

“"The most surprising feature, and one that I didn't think I would use at all, is the ability to adjust the width or depth of selected frequency ranges...I have found it to be an excellent tool to help polish challengingly difficult songs." - Michael Romanowski”

“"This thing sounds really good! It saved my ass a bunch of times on a recent European tour." ”

“"The 542 completely delivers. With a bit of tweaking you can really capture that 'tape' sound. Beats all the plugins, as far as I'm concerned - in fact, it's on a totally different level. Makes me feel like I'm back at Excello working on 2-inch with Bob Weston!”

“The 5060 is the centerpiece of my new mix suite, which uses a combination of plug-ins and select outboard gear for easy recall. The sound and ergonomics make me happy as an analogue guy, which allows me to leave the main room open for tracking sessions while I’m mixing now.”

“Our 5060 is really the heart of the studio. Smooth knobs, faders and buttons. Flawless monitor control. Nothing is missing in it. The Centerpiece is the perfect bridge between digital and analog here at Stamha.”

“...this box works wonders on the bottom end and has some desirable faux tape compression effects that are very addictive once they become obvious.”

“... this is one formidable unit that is more than a one-trick pony.”

“I'm not sure what magic is inside the 5033, but everything I send through it immediately sounds good...All said, I think the 5033 is a fantastic EQ.”

“I'm not sure what magic is inside the 5033, but everything I send through it immediately sounds good...All said, I think the 5033 is a fantastic EQ.”

“As open as any mic amp I've heard in recent times...... As you'd expect, the EQ and filter are also fabulous, offering the musical boost you expect from a traditional Neve design.”

““Rating 10/10: The Portico 5032 is without doubt a hit product. It is practical and easy to work with and has a superb sound. It has as we see it no problem to justify its pricetag. This unit can lift the project studio to new heights and, in contrast to mic preamps with a marked colour, it will work well with almost anything.””

“This unit's construction and electronic layout are top-notch...... at $1,895 MSRP, it is the best-sounding and most flexibly useful mic pre/EQ combo I've seen.”

“The 5024 is a real delight. It is a high quality versatile pre-amplifier, and with the DI and M/S facilities, it is even more attractive.”

“For novices seeking their first quality piece, I recommend this little, humble utilitarian over a rack full of brittle mic pres and mushy compressors.... For high-fidelity loving, traveling musician/self-recordists, the 5017 is a must have.”

“Sounds great....having the convenience of the Blend, Silk, compression, and phase adjustment all in one neatly integrated box can be a huge problem solver.”

“I first hooked the 5042 up to the 2-mix bus for a mix I had up. I gradually added some tape saturation and low, and behold! A blast from the past!”

“So how does it sound? Quite frankly brilliant!”

“Despite its diminutive format, the 5043 is one of the best compressors we have heard.”

“...perhaps the single most transparent compressor I have ever used. The source signal retained remarkable fidelity and coherence...”

“Sure, you can find fancier-looking outboards out there....But all things considered, Portico has been designed for those who value sound over image.”

“The 5045 yielded a 14 to 15 dB increase in level, with no feedback, glitches or choppiness.”

“There is something lovely about the sonic change in the tiniest of details as you drive the channels. Pushing level into the mix buss and adjusting the master output produces more of a lovely sheen, its transformers blending in a lovely musical flavour to the tone.”

“It’s kind of like sitting down into a new Mercedes; it feels like it’s built like a bank vault and every piece has been considered and carefully selected. This is not something you’ll feel like replacing anytime soon.”

“The best performing Neve ever...quite an extraordinary beast.”

“vocals sounded awesome and huge, very open and full sounding.....The sound was saturated and lush, but not distorted”

“Brilliant and flexible....The Portico II sounds big with transparent effects.”

“The Portico II is a class act with supreme audio quality, yet the capability to deliver strongly characterful manipulation and processing...It's possibly Rupert's best box yet.”

“5/5 Stars: Stunning signal quality. Superbly versatile EQ. Intuitive layout. A 'best of' compilation of recent Neve designs in a top quality package.”

“The Portico II Channel offers the epitome of the Rupert Neve sound in a unit that is super-flexible and powerful, yet simple to use. The Neve legacy lives on with this combination of his time-proven circuit topologies and newly designed processors for these modern times.”

“This channel strip certainly upholds the reputation of the series, and although it doesn’t come close to being ‘cheap’, it is a high‑quality, hugely musical and versatile front end that you’ll never outgrow.”

“For tracking, mixing, and mastering, the Portico II Master Buss Processor brings a diverse set of tools that can impart an incredibly-wide range of processing, both dynamic and spectral, to any production - and at a world-class level. Rupert Neve Designs has definitely hit one out of the park with this processor.”

“The Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor is, in my opinion, a "must audition"”

“The 5012 sounds amazing. It's very easy to use and it's now my go-to pre-amp.”

“The 5012 sounds amazing. It's very easy to use and it's now my go-to pre-amp.”

“The Satellite contributed to the workflow and helped impart the classic big analog sound....There are many summing mixers..., but the Satellite 5059 is the only one deserving of the Rupert Neve name.”