Aaron Hedden RNHP

I first used the RNHP to power my Grado RS-1 headphones with my iPhone on tour and I was amazed at how good they sounded, even with a phone as the source. Everyone on the bus enjoyed how nice the amp sounded, and with studio equipment as the source, my headphones have never sounded better.

We’ve been so impressed by the RNHP we’re getting five of them for the studio for tracking. We’ve never been happy with headphone mix system we currently have because of both the lacking sound quality and the added distraction for the musicians. We try to remove the variable of technology of getting in the way of the art wherever possible, and to have a more simple, better sounding option at every position will make the tracking experience that much more pleasant. Our plan is to send the desk feed to the “A” inputs as most of the time we would rather have everybody playing together off of a balanced mix, but if someone needs a specialized cue feed with a different mix, we will have the “B” input wired in for custom mixes as well