Dave Percefull - RNHP Review

We’ve had a prototype RNHP at Yellow Dog for a couple weeks now and it’s caused a real problem in that the mix suite and mastering suites are constantly fighting over it until we can get a second one! I’ve had a number of headphone amps over the years and the RNHP just seems like everything is more in phase in my head. The panning between the actual monitors and the headphones is spot on and there is terrific clarity and depth.

I generally use NS10s as my main monitors, so I rely on headphones for much of my low frequency reference, and RNHP seems to really be helping with translation so far. I mixed two albums and a single using the headphone box with my Grado’s… the first album I had a handful of tweaks. I’ve worked for the client for 20 years, he commented that it was the best mix I’d done for him. The 2nd album and the single, for different clients, had ZERO mix tweaks and both projects finished way ahead of schedule.